Active Surveillance / Watchful Waiting

Most low grade cancer patients are followed by their primary physician with half yearly PSA testing and DRE (which is 3x more accurate than the PSA level in detecting aggressive tumors). Dietary and lifestyle changes may be instituted. Urologists usually include yearly biopsies for verification of status. Contrast (injections) MRI scans are frequently recommended. Radioactive bone scans for possible metastases may be ordered.


Most men quickly realize the PSA stands for “patient specific anxiety” and prefer bi-annual 3D sonograms and yearly MRI studies without contrast since the Doppler Histogram study replaces the MRI tumor vessel study that is required by the injection of the gadolinium intravenously to outline the arteries and veins. In patients with high grade disease, the MRI is most useful in detecting the spread to the lymph nodes which is a definite sign of distant tumor spread and poor prognosis. The section on supplements below describes how the US Patented antioxidants and patent pending botanical tinctures are preventative since patients with Gleason 7 and higher have successfully self-medicated with these biologics for periods up to 30 years without tumor dissemination. Some (mostly Australians) have fathered children while on these alternative therapies.

Side effects include upset stomach and rarely, rash or other mild allergic reaction. Biopsies have a 4% incidence of infection and a 1% death or severe disability rate due to hemorrhage (bleeding) or infection. Gadolinium injections have caused deposition of this chemical in the brain and sometimes severe allergic reactions necessitating hospitalization.





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