When imaging detects a region of interest or suspicion, it can also be used to direct selective biopsies to obtain very small tissue samples for further laboratory analysis (pathology).   The use of imaging together with pathology gives the most accurate information about the size, location and aggressiveness of any cancer thus identified.

Breast Cancer

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Skin Cancer



Skin Cancer

Non melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) is the most common tumor in the adult population worldwide. While these are locally invasive and generally slow growing, some varieties (squamous cell carcinoma) may metastasize regionally and more widely. Skin cancer rates are continuing to rise and the most deadly form (melanoma) may be ruled out by 3D Doppler histogram imaging and advanced optical diagnostics.

These lesions are often treated surgically, however, less invasive therapeutic options now exist allowing for better cosmetic outcomes. Premapping the depth and borders aids in treatment planning since the dermatologist recognizes disease that is visual and cannot see below the surface. The observation that the ear or nasal cartilage is involved changes the excision from a 5 minute procedure to a 5 hour operation. 3D imaging provides a roadmap for the surgeon and a patient guide to potential aggression and possible recurrence.

The Bard Cancer Center is working with university centers worldwide to develop holistic dermal antioxidant immune system support to counteract cellular malfunction via the Biofoundation for Angiogenesis R&D and to revolutionize minimally invasive non-surgical robotic image guided local therapies for skin cancers.

Did you know…

5 million people are treated every year for skin cancer in the U.S. Rates of skin cancer have been increasing yearly for the last several decades. Ultrasound imaging streamlines preoperative planning reducing scar formation.

BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS is founded on the commitment to explore and implement the latest diagnostic technologies as a means of building the proper treatment strategy of many types of cancers. We also specialize in the PREVENTION solutions for our patients who strive to maintain a health-conscious lifestyle as well as those who are at increased risk of certain diseases by confirming that their efforts to prevent disease are working.


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