Frequently Asked Questions


Why is sonogram important if I visit my doctor yearly?
Blood tests do not show most thyroid tumors which are often difficult to feel since many lie deep within the gland.

What if a tumor is found?
Many benign areas, such as cysts, may be differentiated from cancer without a biopsy. Ultrasound (US) determines the calcium content which is suspicious for cancer requiring further tests.

Does every suspicious area require a biopsy?
Screening with US and other tests allows conservative follow up and reduce biopsies since most smaller sites are followed every 3-6 months for growth.

How far can thyroid cancer spread?
Most thyroid tumors are slow growing and spread locally. Metastases is uncommon and may be evaluated by MRI scans.

What is needle (FNA) biopsy?
Microscopic study of the suspect region uses local anesthesia. Diagnosis of tumor cells are often performed on site meaning same day results.

What non-surgical treatments are available?
Tissue destruction by heating tissue is effective. Laser is a form of heat energy vaporization that does not use a scalpel. Focused ultrasound also applicable. Both are done under local anesthesia.

Can US find parathyroid tumors causing osteoporosis?
Adenomas of the thyroid are usually benign but have tremendous physical effects due to hormone imbalance. These small tumors are often unsuspected and diagnosable on blood flow Doppler US.

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