Frequently Asked Questions


How deadly are breast cancers?
The body is always forming cancer cells that the immune system often destroys. Ultrasound exams (US) often detect tumors less than 10 mm in diameter resulting in a 99% cure rate. Early detection saves lives..

Where is US most useful?
Mammograms of dense (lumpy) breasts have a high miss rate since tumors are white and dense breast tissue is white. Cancer on US shows up black on a white background. US is most accurate in younger women when radiation should be minimized.

What is Doppler sonogram technology?
Doppler imaging shows map of blood vessels like Doppler weather map shows hurricanes. More blood vessels means more aggressive tumors. Decrease in vessels means clinical improvement. The testing is non invasive.

What is 3D/4D imaging.
3 D imaging takes 200 pictures in 5 second and sees invasive cancers as small as 3 mm. 4D shows the imaging in real time offering prompt diagnoses. Patient motion has no effect on the testing which is painless.

How is 3D/4D Doppler imaging used?
This is currently used to predict complete treatment response in patients undergoing chemotherapy according to the 2017 Journal of Ultrasound, May issue: pages 887-900. Lack of blood flow in the tumor documented therapeutic success.

Can a negative test be used to reduce biopsies?
The finding of a simple cyst or suspicious area on a mammogram ( “lumpy” or fibrocystic region) means most patients can be followed up in 6 months or opt for a tiny small needle aspiration instead of a biopsy. The accuracy for malignancy diagnosis is 95%.

How accurate are 3D mammography, CT and MRI exams?
Every finding on 3D mammography must be sonogramed or biopsied.
CT is highly accurate but has too much radiation.
MRI accurate but has too many false positives requiring more biopsies

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