Frequently Asked Questions


Why is sonogram (US) needed if I see my dermatologist yearly?
Many benign areas cannot be differentiated from cancer without a biopsy. Suspect regions may be partly cancerous and partly inflamed or healing by scar formation. Tumors that are visible on the surface may be the tip of an iceberg.

Does every mole require a biopsy?
Moles are often biopsied or followed for visual changes. Since 1 (one) out of 33,000 (thirty three thousand) are malignant, US is may be used to defer surgery.

What skin cancers spread?
The most common basal cell cancer (BCC) tends to burrow locally but has been known to invade local bone and nerves. The more aggressive squamous cell cancer (SCC) can involve local lymph nodes (glands) and distant organs. Melanoma metastasizes most widely.

What is melanoma?
Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive of all skin cancers and is most fatal in the age group 20-40 years. It may have any shape and color. Tumors less than 1 mm in depth tend to have better outcomes.

What is MOHS surgery?
Microscopic study of the excision surgery to remove the cancer is used to see if the borders are clear of tumor cells. If not, this is repeated (and repeated) until the microscope shows no more cancer cells at the border.

How can US improve post surgical cosmetic appearance?
US presurgical mapping streamlines this technique by outlining the margins and depth of skin cancers. Cartilage and bone destruction preoperatively diagnosed reduces follow up surgeries. Nearby blood vessels mapping may avoid unnecessary bleeding.

What is LASER surgery for cancer?
Tissue destruction by heating (and freezing) tissue is effective.
Laser is a form of heat energy evaporation of the tumor that does not use a scalpel. This is useful for all vascular tumors including some melanomas and benign blood vessels growths.

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