When imaging detects a region of interest or suspicion, it can also be used to direct selective biopsies to obtain very small tissue samples for further laboratory analysis (pathology).   The use of imaging together with pathology gives the most accurate information about the size, location and aggressiveness of any cancer thus identified.

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Prostate Cancer

Until recently, standard prostate cancer screening consisted of a PSA blood test (Prostate Specific Antigen) and DRE (Digital Rectal Exam). In 2017 a U.S. Government Panel released a statement suggesting such screening had a high cost with doubtful survival advantage. In other words, too many men whose screening revealed a suspiciously high PSA or abnormal DRE were rushed into multi-needle biopsies that entailed risks of false negatives, infection, and sexual side effects. The Panel recommended discontinuing routine PSA screening unless men had known risk factors for prostate cancer; and the American Urological Association recommended that doctors discuss the costs of PSA screening with their patients before administering the blood test.

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Dr. Bard offers Power Doppler Sonography of the prostate, a non-invasive way to screen for prostate tumors with their abnormal blood vessels. It actually shows any suspicious area so it can be selectively targeted for biopsy. This eliminates the so-called blind biopsy (Transrectal Ultrasound or TRUS-Guided biopsy) which often misses cancer because ordinary ultrasound can’t distinguish tissue with accuracy. The precision of a targeted biopsy eliminates the need for a large number of random needles. Histogram volumetric tumor vessel analysis on a dedicated workstation correlates with microscopy and is used as a substitute tumor marker to quantify tumor virulence noninvasively. 3D Doppler imaging offers the following advantages:

  • Accuracy 95% (greater than MRI at 80-90%)
  • 1000-1500 images obtained in 5-10 minutes painlessly
  • 2 x more accurate for detecting spread of tumor outside gland than MRI
  • Optional 3D Histogram Analysis of Vessel Density indicative of tumor aggression
  • Non-invasive non-biopsy modality to verify tumor treatment response
  • Submitted MRI, bone and CT scans reviewed as part of the consultation

Did you know…

TESTOSTERONE supplementation is frequently requested. Studies show that 80% of men with low grade tumors benefit from hormone shots with tumor regression. 11% treated demonstrate stable tumor activity. 9% have adverse cancer changes after 1 year.

BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTICS is founded on the commitment to explore and implement the latest diagnostic technologies as a means of building the proper treatment strategy of many types of cancers. We also specialize in the PREVENTION solutions for our patients who strive to maintain a health-conscious lifestyle as well as those who are at increased risk of certain diseases by confirming that their efforts to prevent disease are working.


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