Frequently Asked Questions


Why is sonogram (US) important if I have moles.
Ultrasound (US) determines the depth and spread below the epidermis. Sometimes the expanding bottom of the “iceberg” pulls the tip downward making the suspicious focus appear to be resolving.

Does every mole require a biopsy?
Half of melanoma cancers are highly malignant and have a depth of penetration below the surface greater than 1 mm (picture the side of a dime) Screening with US and other tests may allow conservative follow up and reduce biopsies.

What are image guided biospies?
Malignant areas of pigmented lesions may be missed depending whether the biopsy is a “shave” on the top or a “punch” which takes a small bite out of the tissue. Prebiopsy US can determine which biopsy or surgery is best suited to the tumor.

How far can melanoma skin cancer spread?
Malignant melanoma is the most metastatic of all known cancers and can spread to the brain (President Jimmy Carter) and every other body tissue.

Do I need gland biopsies to determine metastases?
US testing of adjacent nodes may suggest that the tumor has not yet disseminated widely if no focus is demonstrated on 3D Doppler imaging.

What is MOHS surgery?
Microscopic study of the excision surgery to remove the cancer is used to see if the borders are clear of tumor cells.
MOHS surgery is not commonly used for malignant melanoma.

What is LASER surgery for melanoma skin cancer?
Tissue destruction by heat is a minimally invasive therapy.
Laser is a form of evaporation of the tumor that does not use a scalpel. This is useful when surgery needs to be avoided.

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